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Feeding the homeless on a small budget 100 - 150 ppl


I am looking for inexpensive recipes to feed the homeless. We have been feeding for a short while and can only come up with the typical bean soup or pasta dishes. Does anyone have creative dishes that is inexpensive. We depend on what God provides and the bit of money we can afford.



almost 6 years ago

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I'm not sure what your resources are for purchasing food, but you should be able to increase many recipes to fit your needs. Find recipes that are very budget conscious such as Tater Tot Casserole or Chicken Pot Pie and increase for the number you feed. Many recipe sites have budget meal/recipe sections that you should be able to adapt to feeding so many also.

I found this link it's kind of geared towards events, but the recipes offer options for using fresh or canned items, which might make them adaptable for your use.

I don't have any actual recipes to offer though, sorry.


almost 6 years ago

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1. Albuquerque, United States  over 1 year ago

Go Mexican/Spanish we (Hispanic & Mexican are accustomed to feeding the masses. Check out some of the recipes on line for Spanish food. Doesn't have to be spicy but can be. Source for you local farmers market. At the end of the market most venders will be glad to donate product usually organic to a worthy cause.

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