Mexican Chocolate Honey Cake

Photo of Mexican Chocolate Honey Cake


Normally, this cake is made in a bundt or tube pan. Today, I chose to make only half the recipe and bake in four ramekins for approximately 17 minutes. While the glaze was still wet, I sprinkled the little cakes with some multicolored nonpareils to make them a little more festive. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Photo of Mexican Chocolate Honey Cake
Mexican Chocolate Honey Cake


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Mexican-Style Baked Fish

Photo of Mexican-Style Baked Fish

One of the best baked fish stick style recipes I've tried. Usually the breading is only crisp if it's fried. Not here, nice crunch and it was a great idea to use sour cream to help adhere the coating to the fish. Much better than the typical gloppy egg and bread crumbs and easier to work with. Instead of corn chips I toasted some corn tortillas in the oven and then crushed them with a rolling pin. Served with with quick and easy avocado and tomato relish (see links).